Safety Health & Environmental Awareness – (SHEA) (Waste Management), FCC, EU Skills

Ensuring the safety of employees operating within the waste management industry is a challenge facing many companies throughout the UK. Guaranteeing that all individuals working within the industry are competent is a complex and costly prospect. Growing legislative requirements, coupled with technological advances, are presenting new threats to operative safety and increasing the need for an assessed benchmark within the industry.

Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills) developed a nationwide scheme called Safety Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) (Waste Management). The modular format provides a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental training and is appropriate for all persons who conduct waste related operations, from operatives through to management, permanent or temporary workers.

FCC Environment was the first company to adopt SHEA (Waste Management), providing substantial commitment and contribution towards the development of the scheme. The scheme delivers site and facility specific health and safety training that has been accredited by a recognised body. It acts as a passport scheme and is also affiliated with the Construction Skills Certification (CSCS) scheme allowing utility workers access to CSCS controlled sites for purposes of utilities work without the need to hold a separate CSCS card.

It is envisaged that SHEA waste management will be a step towards creating a minimum standard of health and safety training across the sector that will have a positive impact on reducing the current levels of accidents and injuries. It demonstrates that the industry is taking a proactive step towards addressing its own health and safety requirements.

Contact: Derek Chatting