The information sheets listed below cover various aspects of health and safety in the waste management industry.

These sheets are not related directly to any formal WISH guidance document, and are not formal guidance.  They aim to assist waste operators in improving their health and safety performance.


List of WISH general information sheets

Ref No.Document TitleSummary
INFO 13COVID-19 AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIESWISH has produced an information document on managing COVID-19 risks in the context of a range of waste management activities.
REF 07SUPPORTING REFERENCE DOCUMENT - EXAMPLE COVID-19 CHECKLISTSWISH has produced an example of how a COVID-19 checklist may be structured. You can use this example and devise your own specific checklist to meet your needs. This reference document is linked to "WISH INFO 13 COVID-19 AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES".
INFO 01Health & Safety leadership self-assessment tool - April 2014Allows 'leaders' such as directors, managers and supervisors to assess their leadership style and approach, and gives tips for improvement
INFO 02Practical lock-off advice recycling recovery - August 2013What is lock-off, when to apply it and operational and training issues for he safe lock-off of recycling and recovery machinery and equipment
INFO 03Effective proactive monitoring in waste and recycling collection activities - June 2017This information sheet provides two example checklists and a matrix to assist those checking that policies and procedures are being followed
INFO 05Waste Fire Burn Trials summary report - Version 2 - October 2018Summary non-technical report