Working Groups

Current Working Groups

The table below shows the current Working Groups within WISH.

If you would like to be involved in being a member of a particular Working Group please contact stating which group you would like to be part of.


Working GroupAdvocateChair
Leadership and Worker EngagementGeoff SmallwoodJohn McClean
Building CompetenceDenis McGlynChris James
Customising Support for SMEsSusan RelfSusan Relf
Safer WorkplacesCeri BeynonPaul Stokes
Healthier WorkplacesToni GladdingPeter Sykes


Leadership and Worker Engagement

Strategy goal:

  • Produce guidance on what safety leadership looks like and how it is demonstrated
  • Produce agreed safety leadership standards for the waste management industry
  • Share best practice on safety leadership schemes across the industry (eg, case studies)
  • Include safety leadership in current training/competency schemes
  • Research how safety leadership could be measured
  • Develop and publish case studies demonstrating effective worker engagement from examples of good practice in the industry
  • Develop and publish sharable training materials for promoting and enhancing worker engagement
  • Develop, demonstrate and promote the business case for the benefits of worker engagement
  • Develop a network of interested parties for the communication and sharing of development of worker engagement initiatives
  • Investigate what other industries have done on safety leadership and worker engagement (do not reinvent the wheel)


Building Competence

Strategy goal: Build competence

  • Definitions to be developed for competence, skills and training. This will include developing and publishing guidance on how ‘competence’ can be defined and understood in the context of the waste and recycling industry.
  • Develop and publish case studies and real life examples of the positive impact of improved workforce competence, including examples of industry best practice and the potential business benefits.
  • Identify and share best practice on competence schemes across the industry and in other sectors (e.g., through the case studies and examples)
  • Investigate how relationships with customers can influence the need for improved competence and can have a positive impact on the operating culture within a business.


Customising Support for SMEs

Strategy goal:

  • Develop and publish guidance or possibly a scheme aimed specifically at waste sector SME’s who wish to evaluate or validate their performance against the requirements of HSG 65
  • Develop and publish simple guidance on what a safety system is and separate guidance upon the use of self assessment checklist(s) in evaluating the effectiveness of safety systems.
  • Develop and publish guidance on the waste sector specific resources which are available for SME’s
  • Investigate and identify any deficiencies, or areas in need of development, in the availability of guidance and similar resources for waste sector SME’s
  • Investigate and develop methods to communicate with waste sector SME’s.


Creating Healthier, Safe Workplaces
  • Communication of best practice sharing and problem solving.
  • Develop guidance and support on Health surveillance (monitoring/screening)
  • Consider and give guidance on the health, safety and welfare aspects of technological developments
  • Develop and agree industry standards and guidance on specific health and safety topics and for specific parts of the industry.