Commitment to Competence

SWITCH – Scottish Waste Industry Training, Competency, Health & Safety

SWITCH is a multi-partnership forum made up of organisations across all sectors within the resource management industry.  The aim of the Forum is to provide leadership by working collaboratively to raise standards of health and safety, training, learning and development, and technical competence and to promote the Scottish resource management industry as an attractive career choice.

SWITCH Competence Framework

The SWITCH Competence Framework was developed with industry partners to enhance the training, skills, competence and safety of the resource management industry and launched February 2016.

Competences are the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours essential to perform certain functions that are critical in specific roles. The Competence Framework, Assessment Tools and Guidance is a resource that can be used by everyone in the industry to identify and assess key knowledge and skills required by operatives, team leaders, supervisors and managers in the industry. (Download here )


Research has continuously pointed to a relationship between how people are managed, their attitudes and behaviour, and business performance. WISH and SWITCH recognise that team leaders and supervisors in have an important role to play in influencing others on the importance of health and safety procedures and safety performance standards.

WISH and SWITCH are developing Guidance and an Assessment Tool specifically to support supervisors and team leaders, in this. The new tool will enable the identification and assessment of attitudes and behaviours required by supervisors, which can be difficult to describe or assess, and these should form part of the overall assessment of supervisor competence.